Active Alerts

Active alerts are the alerts that have been created and not yet handled. On this screen it is possible to perform a series of groupings and filters that make viewing the alerts easier.

In the alerts panel we have the option to display the alerts grouped in different classifications: Client, Criticality Level, Alert Type and Alert Source.

Alert Criticality

Alerts are categorised into different levels of criticality. All alerts created by PrintWayy, refer to communication failure with the printer or the installation point. As communication is the key to the smooth running of the system, these alerts have a high criticality level.
The preventive maintenance alerts and created by network or USB printer, are customisable and their criticality level can be configured between Low, Medium and High, according to your needs.
Information on how to set the criticality level and other actions regarding alerts can be found here. (link to Alerts Settings)

The criticality of alerts is identified in the dashboard as follows:

  • Alerts with high criticality have this icon: 
  • Alerts with medium criticality have this icon: 
  • Alerts with low criticality have this icon: 

The number in each identifier refers to the number of alerts of that criticality level in the group.

Source of the Alert

The origin of the alert indicates where that alert originated from. There can be alerts for preventive maintenance, created by PrintWayy, created by network printer and created by USB printer.

  • Alerts created by network printer and created by USB printer are alerts received directly from the printers and displayed in the alerts panel according to the configuration made in the system through the Alerts settings.
  • The preventive maintenance alerts are alerts created by the user himself, according to his needs, defining analysis by day interval, page usage and/or supply level. The preventive maintenance rules are fully configurable. To learn more about preventive maintenance alerts rules, click here.
  • The alerts created by PrintWayy, are exclusively alerts of communication failure with some printer or installation point, which indicate that that printer, or all the printers monitored at that point are not sending data to PrintWayy, and therefore are not being updated in any of the monitoring objects (counters, supplies and alerts).

Interface and its elements

  1. Search Field: option that allows you to search one or more alerts according to the parameter used, for example, you can search which are the active alerts of a certain customer, or a specific printer, or by its origin, criticality level, type of alert or any key word that identifies the alert you are searching for;
  2. Display: Customer list, if you prefer to display the alerts of a specific customer;
  3. Sort by total: option to sort the list of active alerts in ascending or descending order;
  4. Hide/Show: Checking this option will not display on the dashboard alerts that have already stopped occurring on the printer but have not yet been closed by PrintWayy.
    When an alert stops occurring on a printer, PrintWayy still waits a few more hours to close it, as during this time it may reoccur on the printer.

List of alerts

When expanding one of the groups displayed on the dashboard, on the expansion arrow on the right side of the dashboard, we find the list of alerts referring to that group.

In this list we find the data of all the alerts in that group, such as the alert's name, the department where that printer is, the printer's model and series, the date on which the alert occurred and the alert's expansion menu, where we can see the alert's details, ignore it or open a call regarding that alert.
The alerts created by PrintWayy, do not have the option to ignore, because they are failures in communication with the printers, which is essential for the proper functioning of the system.
When opening the alert details, a sliding panel will appear, displaying the alert specifications, printers involved, history and even allowing comments to be entered on that alert. In this same screen there is the possibility to open a call for the alert or close it, as required.

To learn more about calls, click here.

Alerts that no longer occur

Printer alerts that stop occurring on the devices are automatically closed by PrintWayy. However, after the alert stops occurring, PrintWayy still waits a few hours to actually close it, as there are cases where the alert resumes shortly after being closed. To differentiate it from the others, the alert that has received the indication that it is no longer occurring on the device gets a different visual identification from the others:

An opaque alert, therefore, means that it has already stopped occurring on the machine. In this condition, PrintWayy will wait for 4 hours until closing. If within this period the alert does not reoccur and the printer communicates with PrintWayy at least once, the alert will be closed and will be listed in the closed alerts menu.
At the top of the screen, check the Hide alerts that have ceased to occur option so that alerts that have ceased to occur, but have not yet been closed, are not displayed from the active alerts screen.


To return to the Alerts menu click here.

To go to the page Alerts associated with open calls click here.

To go to the page Skipped Alerts click here.

To go to the Closed alerts page click here.

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