Registering a customer and generating a key

The simplest use of PrintWayy is based on printer monitoring and is focused on 3 pillars:

Registering a customer

Customer registration is done from the Customers menu in PrintWayy Web and follows through a few initial mandatory settings:

Client - Type - Location ID

After clicking Save, a new record in the client list will be created, and in the Key column there will be the unique key, which can be used at the time of installation.


Identifying and copying the key

The key generated for each client is unique. This key is what will link the installation on your client and the printers monitored on it with all the client information that will be displayed in PrintWayy Web.

Once you have copied the key, it is time to use it to install PrintWayy Client. To learn how to install PrintWayy Client click here.

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For more details in the Knowledge Base about the Clients menu click here.