What are PrintWayy Client services and what do they do?

PrintWayy Client is the module installed in the environment where the printers are located. It can be a regular computer or a print server and is responsible for capturing data from the printers. PrintWayy Client is composed by an administration tool and 4 background services.

Net Client Service

This service is responsible for monitoring the printers and generating a compacted and encrypted file with the captured information. Every 30 minutes, the service communicates with each printer on the network, going directly to the IP address configured in the system and requests some information via SNMP network protocol and sequences existing in the standard PrinterMIB implemented by each manufacturer / printer model.
The following information is collected from each printer monitored:

  • Manufacturer;
  • Model;
  • Serial Number;
  • MacAddress;
  • Counters - for each counter the current value and the type are collected. Example: BP printing current value 15256 pages;
  • Supplies - for each supply the type and current level is collected. Example: Black toner cartridge with 80% current level;
  • Alerts - for each alert the type and description of the alert are collected. Example: "Toner low".

Each set of data collected is inserted into a JSON file, which goes through an encryption and compression algorithm, both developed by PrintWayy. This way, we guarantee the confidentiality of the information collected and also a very low disk space required for the temporary storage of this file.
The generated file also has its own extension (.plog) and is stored in the solution's working directory for later sending to the server.

This service is responsible for monitoring the .plog files directory and sending them through a web service to the PrintWayy server. The web service used in this communication has the following address: https://ws.printwayy.com/PrintWayyWebService.asmx

The sending occurs with a secure connection through the HTTPS protocol, port 443, the same standard used by banks and well-known e-mail services.

Updater Service

This service is responsible for checking the PrintWayy server every 2 hours for possible updates that have been made available. The updates include corrections and improvements to the modules mentioned in this document, when necessary. The search for possible updates is also performed via web service, secure connection, at the following address:

Updater Guardian Service

This service is responsible for monitoring the activity of the aforementioned services and ensuring that they remain running.


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